13/3/2017-barcelona trip week

Today morning we went to the London stansted airport, and we would went to the Barcelona. Today is beginning with trip week. When we arrived Barcelona already  afternoon, so we went to hotel by our bus. But before we got out of the airport, the passport of a member of our team was gone, he had no way through the customs, we waited for nearly half an hour at the airport, and he finally entered the customs. We also carry our own luggage out of the airport.

We girls are three people a room, I sleep in the window position, the room is not big, but it is enough to provide us with a week of accommodation, very clean bathroom and bed. There are old-fashioned hairdryers in the bathroom. I packed up with my roommate, we packed up our luggage, and then went downstairs to buy some snacks and water.

In the evening, we are at the reception of the hotel and then go to Barcelona with a famous shopping street La Ranbla to settle our dinner. We passed through many small alleyways and came to the street. Renata tells us that we can start free time, and I and liberty and Molly start looking for where you can eat. We walk on the road to see a lot of special fun in Spain gadgets: Monternet, turntable, stained glass. Spaniards are very warm, know that we are Chinese people are greeted with us in Chinese.

Three of us went to the roadside to eat a local paella, I heard very delicious and particularly famous. The end of the street is a harbor, which is a city rich in seafood, like my hometown.


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