9/3/2017-fashion final major project

Today is a little special day. I think the main reason is because yesterday Louis let me do magic, I showed a reluctant expression, so she let me and Renata and her to discuss this matter. Renata felt that my theme of depression was not suitable for me, and FAD students should do some positive and optimistic projects. Magic is a particularly interesting thing, if you can do is a breakthrough. They also told me a lot of things can be studied, I know that is for me good. Renata is worried that I have depression, ready to let Tom and the teacher come to talk to me.

I started planning this day. Because at the beginning I just want to do a little research enough, but now I need to do a lot of research to support my project, magic is a technology live, not everyone can do it. I started talking to my friends about the project, and they all suggested that I go and see the original movie. I also listened to the teacher’s opinion to study the history of magic. I really need to do a lot of things, I have to think my ideas clear.

I spent my morning doing my plan. In the afternoon, I took two hours to read it again. Now You See Me 2, I took a lot of clips from the movie that I could use, and the part that I was most interested in. There are a lot of analysis of magic in the movie.

I will try my best to do this.


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