8/3/2017-fashion final major project

Today is the time to decide when we choose. All of us are doing research, and I am the same, I am still doing the theme of my choice of depression. I started to find my friend chatting about it.

In the afternoon, it was my turn to the presentation. I sat with my two Sketchbooks next to the teacher. I am the second presentation person. I am in front of a person is Rose, she made two themes are stars and ancient Chinese architecture. I think the stars are beautiful, but also very complex, each planet has its own characteristics, it is very difficult to do, but it will be very stunning. The characteristics of ancient Chinese architecture is still relatively simple, relatively simple will be, and this is our own things in China. If Rose can be successful, I think it is a good way to promote our Chinese culture.

Turn to me to describe the theme of my choice, and I chose is depression and magic, of course, I hope I can do the topic of depression. Because of depression is a thing for me around me, but I have no friends, but my friend has been suffering from the torture of depression, I want to tell you what is depression, we should go to love depression, rather than to cold depression Patients with disease. Magic, I actually understand the magic is particularly small, I just like to see magic, because it is amazing for me, last year to see Now You See Me 2 really amazing to me, the magic is the world with science and tips to achieve Of surreal things. I was based on Now You See Me 2, the development of extension to study some small magic.

Obviously, Louise would like me to do some sunshine. Depression itself is a very dark thing, magic relative to depression to be interesting, she felt more attractive to others eye. But I always hope that I can do the topic of depression, because I have a purpose to do, I may be able to use English can not complete and accurately express my meaning, but I still hope Louise believe me I can do well.

Louis left me behind our presentation and discussed the question with me. She told me that we all like the theme of magic, I should try. And depression is a mental illness, she is afraid I have, I hope I stop doing this theme. I really stopped, I began to study the magic, after all, I was a beginner, I listen to the teacher is better.


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