6/3/2017-final major project

In fact, every Monday I was bored. Just out of the weekend, I was unexamined. Very tired, I took a drowsy mood to do my research. Of course this time is not the same, I am now mainly starting to do other studies of depression.

For me to choose two themes, in fact, I am very confused, and even sometimes I think two themes I want to do, but I can only choose a theme. On Wednesday we made our last choice, and I had to think about it. In fact, each project has their own shortcomings and advantages, my project is no exception. Depression is a very acute problem, although many people have a depressed side, but in our world, the artist is the most favored host of depression, which may lead to a lot of people on my research with ambiguity The Secondly, my research in my eyes seems to make people feel very uncomfortable, and even sometimes I do not how to like my project, although I have a lot of inspiration on the theme of depression.

Magic This theme is in fact the eyes of others is a very sunny theme, because there are many magic in the world, the world also has a lot of professional and non-professional magic lovers, for the fusion of magic and art design, perhaps a particularly cool and Interesting things. Of course, I do this project is a challenge, because I have never been to do a no specific definition of the project, I remember the initial choice of the project is a temporary rise, there is not much research, I do not belong to the magic of lovers, Is that magic is very fun. But since I have chosen the magic, then I will carefully to the research done, I will work hard.


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