3/3/2017-final major project

Today is the day of the inspection schedule that will come every week. For a whole week I’ve been concentrating on the theme of my depression. The danger of studying social topics is that some people do not agree that many artists are depressed, if I do not understand it with my understanding. So I did a lot of research and visits to the survey.

Today I was going to do a group discussion on how to listen to some of the suggestions from the teacher. I do a lot of things this week, but it all looks very uncomfortable. Depression itself is a sad thing.

Jane is doing crush and stripping this action, in fact, these two themes are related. And because these are the things she has experienced, so I think she said very well, the idea is very clear.

I was really nervous when it was time for me to describe what I was doing. My first page sketchbook has made Louis and Alice face uncomfortable expression. Of course, I still follow my ideas to describe what I have done. I use my paintings to analyze others’ paintings. I try to be able to show the best study to show them. My other theme is magic, I made two, one is the movie and poster I was watching at that time, the reason why I did this theme is the only reason is because of interesting. They feel that I am doing the theme of depression some bloody and horrible, asked me if I should consider the theme of magic.

I should also think about this problem. I intend to finish my primary research on weekends.


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