2/3/2017- final major project

Today, my workload is relatively large, because most of the research has not been sorted out clearly, my task today is to improve the previous study, and find something to be studied later.

I bought a mask from a pound shop, the mask was originally used for children, the children can draw their own mask on the pattern. I would like to use the animation analysis related to my study. I painted a face in the middle of the mask, a sad face. Eyes with black tears and blood, very scary. Then I fixed the mask on the paper with a glue gun, painted a smiling mouth on the mask, and then cut it from the middle. Surrounded by some red and black ribbon.

I study another picture, I cut out the people in the brain, with 3d sponge adhesive back, so you can highlight the focus of this picture. And this figure with black and red, looked very gloomy.

Finished my basic things to do I intend to do design research, this time I was looking for design and depression is related to the characteristics of the graphic seat design, so I chose Kawakubo Ling’s two series design. These two series of inspiration are from magic and red rose & blood, with my subject almost no relevant. Rose & Blood Themes I choose two designs, a design shape like a knife, another design shaped like a blood vessel. Magic theme I also chose two designs, the magic of the theme of the design are used are dark, these two designs are highlighted a binding characteristics. In order to explain these designs to my inspiration, I gave them a background.



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