1/3/2017-final major project

Today’s mission is still on the subject of depression I continue to study the theme. Did so many things, I almost forgot that I had to do mind map and mood borad. I am going to do my mind map again today, finishing the mind map done on Friday. I am from the face of depression in the face of our surface reaction and the inner world made a classification, as well as the characteristics of the analysis.

Loneliness, pain, darkness, manic, restraint, decadent is synonymous with depression.

I deliberately rubbed the paper with the mind map, is to express the confusion in the heart of patients with depression and irritability out of control emotions. Then I made another board, and I twisted the wire into an irregular shape, which expressed confusion in the heart of a depressed patient. And then with rice-white cloth crossed above the wire, which represents the heart of the depressed patients. When the two things together, the wire is more like a messy hair, which represents the depressed patients with this feature of dirty.

Then I found some comics and paintings about depression, the artist is the most beloved host of depression. For a long time the artist does not understand the situation when he is doing his own unique creations. I began to search the artist for the painting on the web, and although I did not find a well-known painting, I learned more about depression from the stories of these artists.

I am looking for two pictures, one is on the depression patients themselves stay at home and out when the contrast. The performance of depression in the face of life with a mask, pretending to be happy. The other is a person down in a person’s brain, occupy the entire brain, the expression may be depressed in the minds of patients with the world, fear, loneliness, the body curled up together.

My research will not stop, I will then do things well.



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