27/2/2017-final major project

The new week, I have to come up with my second theme is what, after all, a long time passed, this Wednesday I will pay my proposal. I went to see the teacher to see us a sketchbook, the students do research is about a movie, she made the details of the film through a simple simple expansion.

This gives me a great inspiration, I can actually do not have to find a social phenomenon, I can find a movie to carry out research, my inspiration can come from the movies I have seen. I looked at the diary I had written on the web. I think of last year I went to the movie with my parents to see the 3d movie Now You See Me 2, this is a very classic magic. We have a small individual who have fantasy on the magic, but to grow up, began to gradually understand the principles of magic, we think the magic is no longer so interesting.

I intend to use this film to do the theme, I study the magic. Restore my childhood favorite magic, they are my childhood become interesting, poker in addition to gambling can also play magic. I started looking for the most exciting part of the movie from the web. Two of the most attractive to me is that Jesse controls the rain still and rises, and the four knights steal the chip that can eliminate all computer data. Since Jessie was part of the control of the rain when I was studying photography, I knew how to do it, and I was not very interested in it, but it was very spectacular.

Four knights steal the chip in the use of a lot of magic in the basic skills, and even some parts of the perfect analysis of the magic we usually see how to change out. So I think I study this fragment is valuable. I found this clip from the network of high-definition video, I painted the day, with the computer screenshots of all the magic details, and then finishing the print.

The process is very hard and tired, but I still insist. Magic charm is to change, once again look at this shocking movie, really is a very exciting thing.


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