24/2/2017-final major project

Today is our group discuss our final major project, discuss our choice of two themes. Before I was discussing it, I drew a morning mind and mood broad that made my two themes, so that I could know what I wanted to say.

In the course of the discussion, our group of students is not everyone is good, we have their own different ideas, their own projects have different definitions. My previous classmate is easter, she wants to do is through Da Vinci’s paintings to study the proportion of gold. It’s hard, but I think it’s very creative.

It ‘s still very tight to turn to my story. I picked up my mind map to tell my first project, it was about the project of depression. The reason I did this was to make it easier for more people to understand what was depression and to express depression through clothing Of the pain, so that people know how to comfort to take care of our depression patients.

Alice gave me a lot of advice, let me go to see the v & a museum, there will be on these exhibitions, indeed, I really quite want to go, but I think this time from my side can easily get the information to start , This time I will be very careful to do this project, because this is what I want to do.

My second project is the Chinese style. I do not have a good account of this project, because these days are spent on the study of depression. I describe it very vague. Alice reminds me that this theme is too broad and can represent a lot of Chinese style, such as opera, blue and white porcelain, Tang suit. But if you all together with the study will be very complicated, the study of Tang suit is very monotonous. I can study Peking Opera, Peking Opera clothing and face are the most interesting places.

I am also thinking about this problem, no matter how, a work is good or bad depends on the study. The most recent research is the most important. Primary research material is really hard to get, I do not have time to return to China, in the UK for the last two months there is no exhibition of Chinese culture. So I’m going to change a theme. I’m thinking about what is the subject.

I have been clinging to cynthia to ask me some of the other ideas, and I hope I can come up with a suitable program on the weekend.


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