23/2/2017-final major project

I want to continue the study yesterday, yesterday was my friend had questioned, made my initial understanding of depression. I intend to do a map, I am now on the understanding of patients with depression. I intend to do a collage, the background is my own painting, the middle of my very famous painting “cry” inside the villain, and a cry of the picture.

I used the black background because I felt the heart of the depressed patient was lonely and dark. On a black background, I used a white high light pen to draw two parts of a part of the same pattern of glass slag, part of the messy white line. There are two broken heart on the glass slag, this marked the depression from the inside to the end of the heart was a very serious blow. Messy white line there is a depressed face and a smiling mask, which is depressed patients in the middle of the performance, the face of our time is a smile, and their stay when only lonely and crying, It seems like a mask. The mess is the most vulnerable side of their inner world.

It was time for me to spend a morning out of it. In the simplest way to express the eyes of my patients with depression.

Then, before I went back to the dorm, I went to the hobby craft and I bought some plastic ribbons. Bought black and red. I painted the whole piece of paper with glue, then put the black plastic ribbon messy on the paper, and then cut the red ribbon into pieces and then interspersed in the black ribbon. Black marks the color of the inner world, red is the color of the blood.

I do these things are in the expression of my own understanding of depression. I will be black and white as my last work the main color. Messy is the main element.


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