22/2/2017-final major project

This is the first day to do a new project, I started from the theme of depression. My primary research I’m going from investigating my friends who had had depression, I asked them a lot of questions about depression. This inquiry made me deeply aware that depression is a terrible thing. My understanding of depression is not enough.

Depression is also divided into pre-depression, mid-term depression, post-depression. Before and after the drug can be used to ease the latter part of the drug has been saved. In the early days, the main manifestation of depression is self-centered, communication capacity decline, began to appear decadent and crying state. Medium-term than the previous period to be serious, the middle of the time, the situation is more serious, they began to bind themselves, less communication with people, there have been obstacles to the prophecy. Later, they completely bound themselves, began to self-mutilation behavior, the cleanliness of their own body began to give up, the basic long time not to bathe, the outside world completely lost interest.

If I want to do this project, my series of clothing order is from the characteristics of early depression to the characteristics of mid-term depression to the late post-depression characteristics. Of course I have to use some of my things to simulate a depression.

First of all, my friend is full of scars of the arm, that he was depressed when left, every day can not sleep, through the knife to break their own arm to suppress the feelings of depression. Scarring and self-mutilation of the tool is one of the two representatives of depression. There are many kinds of self-mutilation tools, my friend was in order to prevent parents found that he went to the supermarket downstairs to buy a knife hidden in his mattress below.

I am in order to simulate the scene of a friend self-mutilation, he took a knife lost to the ground, with high levels of dark red paint sprinkled around the knife. I poured a red paint into a glass, and then broke a glass bottle, the glass fragments scattered on the ground, the red paint splashed a place. I took these two scenes down, this is my depression will occur in the reduction of the situation.

I will do more research, I also need to better understand the inner world of depression patients.

gomeirongtemp_mr1479212341972    IMG_20170306_110539.jpg


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