20/2/2017-final major project

Today, I got the project form, we will have a final project in our next two semesters, this theme is very free and very open compared to the previous project. Of course, the election theme is also a very test of the ability of the part, think of a project theme is very simple, but it is really difficult to do it really I spent a morning time, kept thinking about the subject, kept on my theme for analysis and arrangement.

I thought a lot of themes, many themes are abstract, such as love, affection, friendship. I want to do this because I am far from studying abroad, I see things more than in the country. Space let me know what is true friendship, feel the love of my parents. Although love I did not have, but I heard a lot about the story of love. Those things are beautiful, I hope that through these to express my love of the world. I also want to expand something to see or touch the world, like leaves, feathers, branches. The ordinary things in these lives look in my eyes, they have more different meanings. When the leaves are lush, there is withering, which is equivalent to the cycle of life. Bird feathers, when the bird wings fly will fall feathers, it symbolizes the freedom to fly. Branches, it is an infinite stretch of things, it stretches in different directions will have a different pattern.

In the end, I did not choose those titles, I wanted to find some of my life near Recently, the topic of depression in the microblogging is very hot, because there are many artists, stars because of depression left the world. Depression has been a concern, my friends have had depression, many people do not know what is depression. Depression is not a simple mood, but because of the disease led to depression. I hope that through my work to tell you, what is depression. Understanding depression is not just about seeing who has depression, but when you know that people have depression, people can reach out to help them.

This is my first theme, the second theme with this is a big difference. But also want people to understand something.

My second want to do Chinese style, I want to do this project for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that I grew up on the Chinese Peking Opera is very interested in, although the hometown did not, but still grew up with grandparents. But because it is the theme of Peking opera I think that can not expand the things much, so I put the theme of the Beijing Opera to expand into Chinese style, to explore the characteristics of Chinese style, dissemination of Chinese culture.

My plan has been basically done, I intend to start from the theme of depression, through different ways to find the most suitable research, looking for all the features of my theme and around the heart of my thought to do.


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