3/2/2017-fashion design class

Today is the final day, everyone is very nervous, making clothes for us are difficult, many people have not made pants, remember the day before yesterday when I spent four or five hours to do pants. I am still on my design changes and reinforcement. My design there is a big problem is no way to make a very solid pattern of sewing clothes pants. I am a headache, has been unable to find a solution, can only be repeated to sew.

My pants I still do very satisfied, because there is not much sewn bad place. Before I do this pants. Louis taught me how to sew elastic bands, so I finished it quickly. My design was a satisfying one in all my designs, because it fully incorporated the color I chose, and my own personal creativity.

The most important thing is when I have done my clothes I have to find a model to take pictures. I have been unable to find the male model, the class boys are looking for someone else to take pictures, I only found my female model, I began to give her makeup ready to take pictures, my friends helped me to my model make-up, The same applies to blue-red and yellow eye shadow. In the shooting before I made three balls with woolen to my model worn on the hand.

Because this suit is the need to boys and girls wear. Therefore, my shooting style has begun to neutral. I let my female model made a lot of boys shooting fashion magazine cover will do the action, my model to do very well, I am also very satisfied.

Today’s task is basically completed, I am ready to start looking for my weekend photo of the male model.


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