2/2/2017-fashion design class

Today is still a busy day. After I finished my life drawing on Wednesday, I went to my classroom to start making pants, but I just finished cutting the fabric. So today I’m going to finish my pants on Thursday. I first stitched my pants legs together, then the crotch to the suture, sew the elastic band, sewed trousers, my pants on the general completed.

I began to make pants ornaments. I took my last piece of the project apart and I planned to sew it close to the elastic band. I colored it.  I started fixing them with nails in the right places, and sewed them up with my needle and thread. Because it is pants, there is no way to wear in my plastic model, I can only rely on my observation to fix my decorations. It was difficult, but I managed to do it.

I took out my pre-prepared wool ball and ribbon I started to sew on the pants. I spent a very long time. Because the yarn is hard to be fixed, so I was forced to use the glue to stick it.


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