1/2/2017-fashion design class

Today is still a busy day.  Today is only the morning fashion design class, I have only a little bit of time to improve my things. I was thinking about using the morning to teach Louis how to do pants, but because I ran a lot of cloth shop in Cambridge, I did not find my own most wanted fabric, I did not even find what I want to do Decorative fabrics. So, I went to the shop again in the morning with Jane, and maybe with new cloths, so we quickly found the fabric we wanted.

We picked the needlework, the cloth and the elastic we needed in the shop and we hurried back to the classroom. But the employer in the pants with the board, so we can only wait. We waited for our clothes. Because I have been unable to buy a favorite yellow fabric, so I can only use the white cloth I bought to dye. I went downstairs to buy a yellow acrylic pigment ryman. I hope this is useful to me. I poured propylene into the water and started stirring until the end of the dissolution of propylene. I began to paint on the white cloth of the brush.

Color looks good, that is, there will be spots in some places, but does not affect the general. When the propylene is dry, the cloth is harder than before. This is what I want.

I did a lot of things in the morning, and in the afternoon I finished my life drawing and went back to the classroom to find out how to make my pants. I started to cut the paper on the paper and put the paper on the paved fabric and fixed it with nails. , And then start cutting. Busy for an hour and a half I finally cut the two pieces of fabric, and I am going to suture them tomorrow, the pants done.


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