11/1/2017-fashion design class4

Origami is the general direction of my production, I began to study some small things, for example, if I want to do traces of origami in the fabric I need to choose what kind of fabric, fabric is not paper so hard to collapse how to do . I thought for a long time, I took out my sample from the London store to start the sample study, hand to fold and touch those fabrics, and then recorded in the next.

I did not find too much fabric, so I felt from these samples, if you want to make the effect, you need to do the fabric is particularly rough and prone to shape, or even need special weight.


Through the help of classmates, I finally found the research I want, that is the first use of the French royal ruff, that wide and exaggerated collar. I began to find information on it, I also know that over time, ruff occurred on the shape and size of the changes. This is a symbol of royalty.



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