9/1/2017-fashion design class3

On the weekend, I accidentally discovered how I can do, and I intend to my production direction defined in the origami, we have played as a child origami, folding Qianzhi, small stars, flowers and so on. My interest in origami lies in the annual holiday gift to Mom and Dad. I have folded the rose to my mother, I fold a lot of stars to give my father want my father happy. I now intend to use origami to do my final. Neck jewelry around the neck is actually like a box, I intend to start from the round box, began to search online production methods, and then began to learn.

屏幕快照 2017-01-11 下午10.13.34.png

I first simulated some of the clothes in front of the research pattern, then I found a lantern folding method. Very nice and very strange, I began to find the lantern folding method from the Internet, and then began to try their own fold. The beginning of this failure, I posted on the same sketchbook, the second time I succeeded, I put him on the sketchbook and the first comparison. I wrote a summary on the sketchbook. I am trying to origami on this day.


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