06/1/2017-fashion design class2

After a hard look yesterday, I finally found the part you want to research. I chose a lot of classic neck jewelry on the network, although not many people who are familiar with the jewelry or the artist’s signature, and even the goods, I think they are creative as long as enough.

I also chose a more special research, there is a long neck of Myanmar beauty, it is one of the most rare people, their tradition is a woman will be a steel ring around the neck so that the neck looks very long, they feel the neck The longer the more beautiful. Their nation once broke the world record, the neck length is actually 40cm.

I suddenly remembered that before I saw a certain country in a television program, the royal collar is very characteristic, but I do not know what, so I will keep a page on the sketchbook I want to carry out this kind of decoration or Collar to carry out research.

I do not know much about the art on my neck because there are very few artists who can show their neck. My understanding of the neck comes only from diseases, body movements and necklaces. I want to do further research. I have inspiration to know what to do next, how my final piece development.



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