05/1/2017-fashion design class

Today is the new year of the new semester, we got a new task, we have to choose a part of the body to do the exaggeration and deformation. My classmates chose a lot of arms, waist and shoulders, I want to choose and they are not the same, so I chose the part of the neck. This task is not as simple as making clothes and necklaces, so I have to do a project on how I do this project.

At first I thought the project was simple, but when I started, I thought it was hard. For example, doing artist research and doing mind map, the production of objects on the neck of the artist is really rare, most people will choose the waist or chest, because the shape can be a good show. I started to ask Louise, and after getting advice I began to search all the materials I needed for my research. One day, I was looking at my computer to check my information, because they can not find the right to do, has not been able to print. Until the evening back to the hostel, rearranged their own things to find and need to find things I have determined the direction of their work.

No matter how difficult it is, can not say to give up, stick to it will always find. Tomorrow continue to refuel to find it.


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