Today is the last day before the deadline, all of us are working hard to do our own homework, hoping to end all their work before the holiday, although my clothes have been done, but my model is still trying to own Of the clothes. Until 10 o’clock in the morning, she finally put her clothes well, I first helped her film her film, she chose her film background in the playground, running the theme to do the film. One morning, I learned a lot from her film project, her idea is very clear, know what they want to do, but also know their theme. I began to give up the very simple idea before, and I replaced my shooting scene, moved from the studio to the outdoors.

Afternoon, I went downstairs with my model, because the cold weather reasons, I have been looking for the scene you want, told me that the model must be dressed and not cold, the results of my own cold. We remake a lot of times, many times I am not satisfied, but the model is really cold, I will then use the time to modify the software.

I returned to the classroom began to organize my video, I spent two hours to find suitable for my movie music, my fashion film is a dancer, wake up in the morning, watching the world full of flowers Began to dance, and then back to the beginning of the place to sleep. Which is through walking, jumping, dancing, waving to the performance of the movement.


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