9/12/2016-fashion design class8

My main task today is to make up for what I have not done before. I printed all of the draping I had done before to do 15 designs, and posted it on my sketchbook. Those draping are some basic shapes, I would like to add some different decorations on top. So I did some research on decorations. I bought some shaggy lace in the fabric shop, which was like the feathers I did before. I also made a lot of different flowers with the shape of the fabric.


Feeling everything is almost ready, I want to start designing my clothes. My design concept is to design the lightest clothes, you can better performance movement of clothes. It took me an hour to design my clothes. Then I began to start from the body decorations, and then I was making clothes.

I first use pin fixed shape, and then use sewing to sew, this will be a little easier. One afternoon I sewed up two ornaments.



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