28/11/2016-fashion design class 1

Thought 3 rotation classes, I already learned more different skill about do craft, photography and do clothes. Now, I come back fashion design classroom again to study the fashion design, I fell very happy, I will use more care and patience to face my studies.

Today Alice gave us a new teamwork, that was we should went outside to take photos about  body movement. At first my team members made a original mind map together, we tried to write some words about body movement, like kiss, shaking, drinking, dancing and so on and then we follow our mind map to go to the city center to take photos with people. But people only walked fast or chatted on the road, we couldn’t took photos with somebody jump or dance. When we went to eat lunch, we found somebody played guitar on the floor. We didn’t take enough photos, so we let easter to try make-up and we took photos with easter.

In the afternoon, my team chose 10 photos together, but because other member didn’t print their photos, so they want to use my photos for the moment, we chose these 10 photos in this night. We look around other groups works, I think we need to change.

At night, I used my chose 10 photos to do the background for my mind-map, because I think these photos have some relationship with my mind-map. I stick my 50 photos in my sketchbook and I write and drawing some detail near my photos. I hope this project I can show own all skill and do my best.


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