17/11/2016- last craft class

This is the last one this week, hand lesson, the next lesson we will complete our assessment, and this lesson we have to improve our final piece, and by checking the kat to improve our sketchbook. I based on the experience of the first two rotation to do almost the same. Only the final piece of photography photos show, okay, everything is going well, but one of my final piece on the hostel, there is no way to take pictures, I decided to write evaluation and assessment online.

In the afternoon, kat let me take my sketchbook to her, want to see if I have not missed the place. I am really nervous, because I know that every rotation has a different way to do sketchbook, I am afraid the teacher is not satisfied, the teacher angry and the like. Prior to this I have very seriously read their sketchbook, can write to write on. As the teacher looked, I explained what I was doing. I heard the teacher is not very angry tone I was relieved. The teacher let me go back to make up some of the things, not too much, I soon almost finished.

When I write evaluation, I am very hard to observe my work and my sketchbook, to find out a lot of advantages and disadvantages, I try to analyze from many angles, and then included in my evaluation. Only seriously can make good things.


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