16/11/2016-UCAS trip

Today is a special day, yesterday after a contextual trip, visited the Museum of Art, today we are going to participate in ucas school counseling. After nearly two hours of driving, we came to a building in London. For the first time, feel special luxury. Then all of us went to the entrance to the council by the printed ticket.

There are many schools of arts, schools, and many schools in Edinburgh, London, Norwich, Nottingham, and so on. Every time I go through a school counseling office, will take their books to see, there are a lot of student works, as well as the introduction of school life, etc., the production is very beautiful, of course, these are some general highlights. Many schools will give students passing a small gift, I got a school to the candy, as well as ual bag, which is filled with the school I am interested in the introduction of the book.img_20161116_122139.jpg

I am most interested in the school is london college of fashion, Westminster, Kingston three schools. I took a lot of these three schools of books, in order to let myself better understand these schools. Central Saint Martin is a particularly good school, only enough to be creative enough to go, why I say that because I saw their school works, works are crazy enough imaginative enough.

Read a lot of schools, I began to firm my own beliefs, I have to work hard to prepare my English grades and my protflio, in order to go to the school they want to fight is worth it. I will make my best efforts to make the best works.

the afternoon, we went back to school after lunch, and I was thinking all the way to my formal class, when I began to do my own work, I will do how, I will not have progress compared to before. I think all the speculation is unrealistic, I should start from now, the only way to have good results.


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