16/11/2016- contextual studies gallery trip

Fiji: Art & Life in the Pacific, Norwich, UK——A comprehensive show that displays 270 objects from a nation renowned for its artistry.

`information from internet

The most comprehensive exhibition about Fiji and Fijian art ever assembled, Fiji: Art and Life in the Pacific will highlight exceptional collections from the UK and elsewhere, including the Fiji Museum.

The exhibition will bring together beautiful historic objects such as wood sculpture, bowls, canoes, weapons, large painted barkcloths and finely crafted objects made of shell and whale ivory, as well as examples of contemporary art.

Continuity of artistic practice in Fiji will be explored. Among the highlights will be a specially commissioned 26-ft sailing canoe and barkcloth wedding dresses. 

Over 250 objects, paintings, drawings and historic photographs will celebrate Fijian creativity and the important place of art in Fijian culture.

Today we are going to Fiji, an affiliated art museum in Norwich, the second largest museum I have ever visited in the UK. There are many projects in this museum, such as craft, painting, fashion, history and so on.
After more than an hour’s drive, we came to this museum. From the appearance point of view, this museum is particularly spectacular, I think it should be great. I put down my bag and my classmates went to the museum to visit.

The first piece that attracted me particularly was an abstract painting. The main colors are red black and gray, which I wanted to study after the art theme of depression like. Red represents the blood, black and gray represents the eyes of depressed patients the color of the world. Patterns like blood and bandage wrapped, tied and painful.


Hiroshima, Mon Amour 1963

Antonio Saura (1930-1998)

Production place: France

Oil on canvas

The second thing that attracted me was a hazy painting. The picture is like two people embracing. Obscure sense is a special attempt, although only see the outline, but can clearly show the author want to express the meaning. I will choose the subject is fashion design, I think I can go to try this form of expression, to increase my design inspiration.



Portrait 1974

Charles Mansion (1923-2010)

Production place:France

The third chart is nothing special, it may mean that two women in the conversation. But we can work based on the period found in the clothing style and dress, which is a good way to increase my understanding of the history of clothing.



The Two Sister 1926

Jules Pascin (1885-1930)

Production place: France

Oil on canvas

The first three works belong to the type of painting, I want to talk about other works belonging to the type of sculpture, some with Chinese elements. For example, the following figure, is a typical Chinese style, suddenly caught my eye. The sculpture on the left is a traditional stone lion, symbolizing the auspicious fortune into treasure safe. On the right of the sculpture is reflected in the seven eighteenth century Chinese people dressing way, long cloth, more folds.

And that period of v-collar fashion clothes. Women like to wear shoes. From this picture can only see a woman’s style of dress at that time.

That period of clothes are more loose, light and thin. Because you can see from the painting is obvious fold and wide cuffs.



Figure of a seated lion                 Standing female tomb figure


Tang dynasty (AD 618-906)

7th-8th century

Buff colored marble with yellow veins           Buff earthenware

This porcelain is also a Chinese work. This can be seen from the pattern above, this pattern is the traditional Chinese clothing and decorations with the most patterns, the Chinese Olympic Games torch inspiration similar to the clouds. A turtle shaped bottle, which also reflects the evolution of the shape of the ancient Chinese bottle. The tortoise symbolizes longevity, turtle shell is the most hard, so many people like to use turtle shells as protection and prayer longevity.



Turtle-Shaped bottle


jin (1115-1234) 0r yuan dynasty (1271-1368)


If you let me introduce this work, it is absolutely and all the previous works are not the same. This work may not inspire my design. But this work makes me the most interesting place when the little dancer upright gestures, pride and freedom, this is the two words that appear in my mind. I used to dream, has come with a dream today, do not know when I can like this little dancer, proud standing in front of others. I should have done a lot of effort to complete it, I also believe in myself.



Little dancer aged fourteen 1880-1881

(cast c.1922)

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

production place: France

Bronze, fabric

Here to see the museum, the only regret is not to see the Japanese Photography Exhibition, but it does not matter, where I harvest a lot of things, there are drawing material, learned a lot about the history of art, many countries, Culture, this is really a good experience.


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