11/11/2016- Make colour on the ceramic

Today is the last day in the second week in this rotation, so all student started to did the final piece, but today’s work also important for us. Today we followed the teacher to make the colour on our ceramics, all ceramics were finished in the last week, some ceramics were broke. The teacher showed us how to make colour and if the colour was dry how we can do and then we started to do our work, I chose some very next colour to do one. This thing must do careful, because if you use much water to draw, when the colour dry, they will break, and it very ugly. So I try to make colour more careful and patient.


When I finished this work, I must to do my final piece. In the first time, I want to do the metal necklace as my final work, but I think it very simple, so I tried to do a glass mirror necklace add my final work.

So I made some glass mirror patterns. When I do the glass, the teacher told me repeatedly to bring gloves and glasses, so you can protect my eyes, but I have not heard, this is my bad, I have been quick to forget their own safety. Thank you very much teacher always remind me, I will always pay attention to.

I will always pay attention to their own in the future, no matter what things should be put into self-confidence and patience to do something. Impatience and quickness will only make their own works fail.


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