10/11/2016-test design

The next week is this rotation final week, so today we did the test design about the final design. I drew 6 test design had phone shell, make-up mirror, necklace, earring and a mirror ring in my sketchbook. I want to use the metal to do my final piece, so I took a test in the afternoon.

The first one I want to try to do the phone shell. First thing was cut a big metal as a phone shell and then cut 4 little squares for four corners of the metal. I used the pillar drill to make two holes as volume button, I used the hammers to banging the back of metal as a camera holes and beat the four sides of metal, make this  phone shell more real. But I think it no good, because I couldn’t made the camera hole and I not did 4 same sides for metal. The test is a failure, because my side is not neatly cut, it is not a shape. Camera tube tube did not do it successfully, I gave up this design, began to do another design.

The second one I want to make a necklace, I will use my patience and confidence and careful to do this.

Production methods and I used to do when the metal is particularly similar to the use of the link, there are cutting holes. May be due to the reasons for doing this project is very convenient, so I want to choose to do this as my final piece. I think I should end it with some ornaments, like it will not be so monotonous.


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