Today Kat taught us to do the glass craft work.  Before we did the glass, Kat asked us to do the collage to develop our idea about do the glass. At the start, I used some very simple photo to cut, but Kat told me these things are boring and simple, so I tried to take some photos about the image in the mirror, it could made my collages colourful. I tried my best to do my collages, but I thought these no very crazy and  plentiful, so in the next time I will use my all the best ideas and imagination to do.

At the 11:00, Kat taught us how to do the glass works. I learned how to cut the glass twice. I  think we must very careful because the glass may be hurt our hands. I used many different colour glass to do  my work, I used the glue to make these glass together. At the end, I finished three different shapes glass. Do the glass is a very interesting things I think. 🙂

I am very much looking forward to the birth of the windmill-shaped, collage-shaped and small tortoise-shaped glass I made

When I finish this class, I know if I want to do a thing very beautiful, I must very careful and patient, because when I put the little glass on the glass, the big glass will move, if I don’t have the patience, I think I can’t finish it. The craft is very interesting, I can learn so many things in the class.


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