4/11/2016- Ceramics

Today, we tried to do some different things. In the last class, we did the metal craft. Today we did ceramics. Our teacher asked us used a morning time to develop our object. I tried to make my object have different shapes. In the afternoon, our teacher taught us how to use the tools to make shape in  the mire and how to make the mire ,and some matters needing attention.  And we started to do our works.wp-1478615504344.jpg

I used these tools to do my works. The first thing was use the rolling pin to make the mire to a circle, then I used the cookie cutter to cut circle and used the knife, plastic tool, wooden ceramic tool to make shape in the circle. These things were very easy, but these works were very easy to break. At the end of this class, I finished four works.

Do ceramic when there are many things to note, such as can not put too much water in the mud, fragments can not be repeated together to use this would like to break the work, should try to get clean debris, or baked out ugly .img_20161104_142405.jpg


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