Today, Kat let us to drawing the abstract development about our choose object. I tried to changed the mirror shape , height and width, but Kat told me these thing must have relation about my mind map, so I tried to draw a mirror like a smile mouth (It showed I was happy when I got this mirror). But I thought It not enough, I will try to think more design.

When we finished our development drawing, Kat let us to went to the metal classroom, we looked many different tools of make metal object. I’m very interesting about the doming block and stamps, so I make my name in the metal placard. wp-1478211785627.jpg

After Kat introduced how to use the tools, we tried to make our want to make objects, I want to make a mirror, but this mirror is very different with my hand mirror. because I want to make a mirror can around a point to spin, but my mirror is that open and down. So I started to try all the tools to make metal circles, sliver metal circles as the mirror, yellow metal circles are the bottom. When I finished made the circles, I used stamps to make my name in once circle, and use a metal to make holes in the all circle, then used the special nail make they together. At the last, I used the plastic crystals to decoration my new mirror. Ok, finished it!


Through the production of metal objects of class, I know make hand is not as simple as I imagined, these also need to slowly learning will be able to skillfully use, I will.May I have no talent for the handmade, but I will try to do my things they should do well.


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