• history of minimalism

Minimalism is something we take for granted. The idea that there is virtue in stripping away, that simplicity can be beautiful, and give rise to its own special kind of complexity, is one that feels as old as the world itself – but it’s relatively new.

In music in particular, minimalism was the single most important idea of the last century, the one that made possible virtually all that we now listen to and hold dear, from punk and techno to ambient and grime. Minimalism wasn’t just a movement, it was a paradigm shift: it brought about a sea change in the way that sound is made, heard and thought of.

The first half of the 20th century had seen classical music back itself into a corner. In trying to break with tradition, “serialist” composers like Arnold Schoenberg and Pierre Boulez pursued atonality and dissonance. Technically impressive, the resulting work was also incredibly ugly; radical, certainly, but unlistenable. The real revolution would come later, and would be a whole lot easier on the ears.

Minimalism is one of the most distinctive of all the complex forms of art. Because minimalism is a simple form of artistic expression, in any way have changed. There is no surrealist magic, no conceptual complexity.


  • Discuss two minimalist pieces of work

Minimalist works is the most important feature is simple, may be the single color, single graph, the expression of single. The rise of minimalism is the impact of the art world, a colorful corner of the world in a quiet.

  1. The first picture is a simple little rabbit, but we can very clearly see the rabbit shape, and mint green background on collocation, appear the whole picture special lovely, let a person look very comfortable.
  2. I was especially fond of minimalism, so I have a large collection of minimalist watches, jewelry and so on.The second let watch on the picture let me once again feel I have the love of minimalism, that is the feeling of a clear, there are no complicated emotions.Although minimalism and modern art may not be the same, but they are all the characteristics of an art. 



  • How do you see minimalism influencing art and design today?

If minimalism influence on contemporary art, I think it is minimalism to have played an important role in a cornerstone of contemporary art as pop art.Minimalist elements still exists in contemporary art, a lot of things in our life or contain minimalist elements, I think it very well.Mixed and disorderly colour profusion of contemporary art, minimalism is a clean and quiet place.

  • What is your overall feelings about minimalism? And why do you feel this?

Minimalism is, in my opinion, a simple expression, use the most simple color, graphics, text to express his thoughts.I see it that way because of minimalist art, basic it is could at least, at least try to put all can express express things depend on the little things.A piece of blank paper on a tiny part is used for painting, or writing.


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