17/10/2016- Evaluational


In this three weeks, I learned so many different ways to take photos and how to use the photoshop from my teachers and classmates. In the beginning, the reason why I chose this course is that I have a little interest about the photography and I can through this course to improve my fashion design works. But now, I very enjoy it. Because it could gave me more happiness, and it can teach me use the other way to record this world.


    Through this three weeks, I think these classes enhanced my photography level, because before I studied this class, I only like took photos in the trip and I couldn’t took photo very well, but now, I knew how to take good photos with the landscape, with people, with flowers, with buildings, with the moving objects.

    Sometimes, I had some part not very good in my photograph, the teachers won helped me to changed and improve.


    Different courses have different ways to do the sketchbook. In the beginning, I used the way of do the fashion design sketchbook to do the photography sketchbook, but this is no a good way to do, so I changed the other way to do my sketchbook. Through the teachers taught and changed, I thought my sketchbook more and more perfect. Of course, my sketchbook also had many mistakes and bad part, for example because my sketchbook is very small, I couldn’t put the photos into sketchbook very well.


    The final piece of me, I thought it not very good, maybe the reason was I didn’t have so many time to  find some object and take photos suited my title, and I couldn’t used the photoshop very well. So in the past ,  IIn these three weeks, I did not show your best, most of the time I make a mistake, a lot of time did not understand the teacher say, homework done wrong will look around things more carefully. Try my best to finish my want to do things.


    In these three weeks, I did not show your best, most of the time I make a mistake, a lot of time did not understand the teacher say, homework done wrong.So in the later days, I will try to learn the techniques of photo, study English hard until you can listen to understand the teacher all.Whatever I won’t choose this major will be in the future, and photography for me is good, improve photography technology can also improve the quality of my work, so I’ll try and practice more, can make a better work.


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