15/10/2016-London Trip

15/  10/2016


This is my first time to go to the London with my friends and classmates. The first station was went to the Photographers’ Gallery.

This is a wonderful place to study how to take photo and find inspiration. Have many different kinds of photos here, like these two weeks studied the surrealism and Loop drawing.

I think my photography level is not very good, because I don’t have many ideas in the gallery, I found that every photographer idea comes from the life, there are some very simple but cool and delicate.My life for the details of the capture is not good enough, I’m not careful, so starting today I will start their own to explore around.


In the afternoon, we went to  the second station the Lomography shop. A small shop and it has many photos and lomo cameras here. Originally I want to buy a camera, because with the camera out of photos is very beautiful with special effects.In the shop have a wall above there are a lot of pictures of special beautiful.

I’m only 17 years old, and for the first time I came to this city, beautiful, the whole city is full of artistic breath.I like here.My friends and I together to come here, this is a special experience, thank they tolerate my bad, until three o ‘clock in the afternoon I sat the train back to Cambridge, I am very grateful to their care.Photography is my hobby, and I will always keep my love of photography, because I love, I will carefully to cherish.


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