7/10/2016- do homework

Today we didn’t do anything complex. In the morning, Peter give us a piece of paper, paper write full our homework over the weekend. I have six homework over the weekend, take pictures, do the sketchbook. Throughout the morning, I and my classmates in the classroom to print his photos, print some information for the sketchbook. I guess that’s why we don’t have class on Friday afternoon.  we are going to take a weekend 100 images of the surrealism, this is a little difficult for me, because I don’t know how to clap a surreal photos.  Can’t, can only do our best to do it.
At noon, we go to the school canteen of the library to borrow books to find what we want to find pictures. In my thoughts and surrealism is to see things in dreams and reality. This sounds simple, but it’s difficult to find, and because the photographer tend towards the real photography. I was looking for an hour, finally found the book on the shelf, the name of the book is colour photography.


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