5/10/2016- rayographs and aperture

Today , in the morning,we tried to made some ray-graphs, our teacher let us though a revolving door went to a room. This room use to make ray graphs, this was my second time went to this room, but this was my first time knew what this room use to. Our teacher taught us how to make a ray graphs and let us tried to make. I fell very excited at that time. I took paper to make it, I used some object to make, like the sunglasses, the glass-ball, the gauze and so on. Though three link pool, we could saw some white shapes in the paper . It was interesting, but this room smells awful, I thought it is link smell.

In the afternoon, we took photos outside. Before we went outside, our teacher gave us a task (Using high and low aperture to take photo with 5 object, and make notes with these photo ). I got my camera outside, I chose more part to take photo, this are my works.wp-1475693206852.jpgwp-1475693200836.jpgwp-1475693196690.jpg

Distinguishes between each set of pictures of the background blur, I have a few pieces is not very good.I know I don’t have a good reason is that I didn’t find the object the appropriate background, so I will practice more, hope can better next time.



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