3/10/2016-my first photography class

This was my first time of photography class.The teacher asked us to find relevant shelf in a photograph of realism, I took a long time, the beginning found was I back again.Afterwards just know found to copy.I have to find a book and found this picture. The reason why I think this picture belongs to the surreal is that pictures of everyone in two to three feet and hands, I think it may use photoshop or light and shadow made (that a person is actually composed of two overlapping)

In the afternoon we learn photo in studio, using the light and camera film for a long time, for a lot of interesting pictures, out-of-body experience as soul, a picture appears on the three or four.After we also try to slow and fast exposure outside shooting, shooting of people and cars, very interesting, but I always bad, may be because of not using the cause of the camera.wp-1475527571807.jpg

Through the common sense of a day, I know I can’t skillfully use lies in the deficiency of the camera, I will work harder to practice to learn.


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