Before I just do this design,  When I chose the vice vase painting , I don’t think too much about the painting, I thought it very bad for my design, because I just think it’s very nice and colourful, did not have too much idea on the drawing,so I design dress are not good. I must consider the connotation of my chose painting,  It can improv my design level.

When I imitated my chose painting, I always thought It very easy to make and draw, but I didn’t considered part of design.I must found some dark colour to do the background colour and found some clothes have many different shapes of flowers.So I paid the price for my choice,I went to the second hands clothes shop four times,the other classmate only went once to twice. It was very tired and spent so much time.It was wasted of time and money. I tried to find some details or characteristics,but I couldn’t found these,because only have the flowers and fruits and a monkey in the painting and these were very easy and ordinary, I didn’t know what I could wrote in my sketchbook, my work was very hard.

Even if I not did very well at the beginning, but I still didn’t give up my choice. I thought ,all inspiration have the existence of meaning. I chose this painting, I should did all things well. I used more time to research this painting and made my mind-map, I found more painting to chose suit my mind-map to make my mood-brood ,like some flowers paintings, vase photos and some model wear flower clothes photos.I think I very serious and careful in made mind-map and moon-brood, it a good begin in the design.At least, I knew what I should do and what ways to do. The mind-map is very important in design and drawing.

-About my sketchbook

About artists research, I can take advantage of accurate details, you can from their work can be found in draw lessons from the place, we will improve use it to my work. I wrote mindmap accelerated and moonbrood speed, for my creative saves time. This is I don’t think I’d better place.

-about the mind-map and moon-brood

I finished my mind-map and moon-brood, I chose some clothes to tried to combination and joining together, changed more clothes and decorations, and chose four best design in original my 9 design. In many time, nails pricked my hand,clothes fall off the body of model, many difficulties were overcame by me. If I was careless, I though my design won bad. Even if it was very tired everyday, but I thought these things were very meaningful and interesting, I chose this course (fashion) I must pay my energy and time to learn it, and it is my favorite thing. To be a fashion designer is my dream.

-about the clothes design

About description some details. This was my first time to do sketchbook,  I didn’t have experience.In the past, I didn’t wrote some details with my design. But now, though my teachers taught, I changed my sketchbook and blog, I could saw more explain and inspiration in my works, I thought it my progress.

I used my weekend to finished my 20 design, I chose my favorite design to do based and used my imagination to draw these design. I often used the mark pen to draw, mark pen can help to show the clothes better in the model, but I couldn’t used the water colour to draw, I thought it was very difficult for me.My teacher told me, try to used, I can use it very well. This was my insufficient , I will change it.

-About my final piece

Now, I finished my final piece, I back to see process of make clothes, I think this design have more positive parts and negative parts.

1.about made the clothes

I never made clothes in past time, I didn’t often use the sewing machine and needle and thread in China, so I couldn’t sew a straight line. When I made mistakes, I must took out stitches to start again.So I practiced it over and over again, on Wednesday I could sew a straight line and I finished made my dress and sleeve. I though failure made me progress.

2.about make-up

I invited my classmate Cynthia to be my model, I didn’t know how to make-up with the face, eyes and eyebrows, I only knew how to make-up with the mouth, so I found easter and other classmate helped me to make-up.Because I couldn’t make-up , the make-up was not very appropriate with my clothes, so I should tried to use camera and light to changed the make-up. Though this thing I thought I must to learn how to make-up with others.

3.about took photos

Taking photos is not very easy. You must know relationship with light and something and how to enhance picture feeling. I learned took photos in China with my father, so I can skilled use the camera to take photos, with the my teacher pitt’s help, I finished my design photography. It was very easy for me. But I didn’t liked take photos inside, because the background is very drab and the light was no bright enough. I helped the Cynthia to took photos with her clothes outside, the effect is better than inside.


In general, my design and production process is also calculate goes well, I learned a lot of things from my friends , I learned to use a sewing machine, I learned how to tear open line, I learned how to take photos  well, I learned how to choose to take  photos of the background, learned to make up a little method, learned how to do sketchbook. I used to write the blog every day, every in the busy life. The most important thing made friend with a lot of people , this is my first time to study go abroad , for the first time feel help each other of warm, the teachers are very good. I have my own evaluation, full marks one hundred points, I give myself a eighty, because I think I’m trying to enough, I can also do well, whether in drawing aspects in production or side, I am very carefully seriously, I also remember what I learned, I know, those are the rest of your life I want to use all things.But I have a lot of things didn’t do well, I to do better to and efforts to do their best to to complete should I do.


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