29/9/2016- final piece

This is my final piece.


Today, I invited my classmate Cynthia as my model, do I try it on to take a picture of the clothes to finish my final piece. She is not only my model or her own clothing model. First, I gave her makeup, I will not make up, I just took bb frost and lipstick. In the help of students, we give Cynthia drew eye shadow, look line, eyebrows.img_20160929_101135.jpg

We make up after complete and began to dress, at first was to will be a single piece of paper rose (I personally fold) Cynthia posted on the eyes, but a few times attempt to have failed. Then is sleeves, there is no suture sleeves, Cynthia very thin, so will sleeves down away. I went to the studio found in pins, I use to pin sleeves don’t in clothes.

In the process of taking pictures, because only Cynthia and I, a lot of things I can only do a person, such as light tone, consider action, photoshop and so on. Cynthia shy, so she has a lot of action can’t do, can’t wear clothes exposed too, so caused the coat lost sexy feeling.But Cynthia relaxed, some action do naturally.

In the afternoon, I take Cynthia help her clothes, we shot outdoors. Outdoor enough light, not background drab, taken out of the effect is very good. This is taken indoor and outdoor taken difference.wp-1475188782090.jpg


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