28/9/2016-make own garment

This was my final piece (design), it us in my 20 design.It only had a  dress (had two different shapes dress )

For never clothes made me, clothes will make it’s hard to is a thing. But now that I need to do is to do the best. I asked my classmate asked tear open line method, I speak to the blue dress apart, half do skirt half do sleeves. The teacher taught me how to line the seam straight, I tried to through his understanding of the two pieces of skirt to sew together, seam wrong five times, I open it to continue to sew line until to sew a right line so far.

Seam skirts and sleeves, I will use the needle and thread first at the top of the fixed position live and then use a sewing machine will be part of the following seam up. To do a good after speak on top of the line apart, in order to make it easier for the model can wear on clothes.

I’m going to all the details of the written in the sketchbook, skirt seems to be simple, but actually it’s hard to do it. I asked my classmate as a model, put on my clothes, and I to take a picture. In the photo appear in a bad place, I will again changes. His do my best to make it well. This article make clothes, spent a day of the time.

Although process is hard, but also is worth it. I enjoyed make the process of clothes, I also from students learn a lot.


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