23/9/2016-design drawing

Today is Friday, it is the end of second week. We were drew clothes design all the day, we must drew the  front and back on the clothes, we putted clothes on the model and took photos with the model. We printed and cut these photos, and we pasted the shape of clothes into the sketchbook.

We drew clothes according to these shapes of imitation.It was not easy, because shapes is big and we used drawing tools were colour pencils.

Today we did not learn a lot of things, all is in the drawing.The teacher taught me how to copy the photos, I saw some school books about doing sketchbook and draw the drawings, I think I need to buy a book to see, also want to practice more.

I aquarelle is not good, I like to use color lead or mark pen drawing, but the color of lead paint is very troublesome, need to spend a lot of time, water is very convenient, with less time.Because I painted watercolour not good-looking, so I think I’ll have more seriously to learn how to watercolor painting, enrich my skills.


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