22/9/2016-Design our clothes

Today, I used my bought second hand clothes to designed my idea clothes, I tried about 15 designs , but I only took photos on 9 designs. We must take photos with the back and front  at the clothes, and we through these photos to choose four designs to draw them.

But,I had the photography class in the afternoon, so I can’t choose designs with teacher.

I really like take photo, I have a camera, I often use the camera when I go on a trip.In the last mouth, my father taught me how to use the camera, so I finish my work very fast. Our teacher showed us how to turned the camera, and how to catch moving something, like ride bicycle, people walking in the street.In the part 2, he taught us how to take photo with the flowers, and how to make background blur. I showed my photos to my teacher, my teacher always said:’ye, that’s ok.’ I thought I must say thank you to my father.




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