21/9/2016-drawing and sewing machine

Today I studied how to use the sewing machine , the school sewing machines are different with the Chinese. The Chinese machine all use by our hand, but school sewing machine use with machine and electricity. This was my first time to use this machine.Our teacher taught us how to use the machine,and how to sew the line. My first problem was I can’t sew a straight line. My classmate called Rose , she help me to sew a line, and my teacher gave me some paper and a cloth to try and practice. I used my lunch time to practiced it, I think I must use more time to practice.

In the afternoon, it was visual class time, we went to the street to drawing the buildings. I didn’t how to do, but I followed my idea to drew it, I used one and half hours to finished it, It made me very tired, but I very enjoyed it.

This my painting.

And my drew the way.


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