19/9/2016-Show our painting and inspiration

In the morning , we showed our chosen two paintings in our group. The colourful paintings and fancy paintings were very popular. My drawing is no good, butI think my mind-map and mood board were better than other people in our group.  My English is no so good , so I couldn’t show my inspiration and idea better. I will learn how to make a sketchbook well from my teammates.

👆This is my chosen painting. The title is colourful and symmetricaly.

We used the lunch time to go to some second hand clothes shops to buy some clothes. We went though four shops, until we bought one shirt and two dresses. Choosing was especially difficult,  because there were no composite themed clothes.

I wanted to go to choose again, but I used my clothes to change. Because I didn’t have many colours and any decorations,my work was very easy and boring. I think I will use the decorations to decorate my works in the future .

👇These are my works today.


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