The first painting was used oil on canvas. I chose this picture because the picture colour profusion, the main color is dark, such as deep red flowers, green leaves, brown vase, black wall.Followed by some bright colors, such as yellow sunflowers, white lily, orange and red chrysanthemum, pink roses.All of the colors mixed together.Can reflect the flower color bright black background.This picture is very simple, only flower shape, monkey, vase and fruit.On the whole picture overlap and the beauty of the shadow.

The painter of this picture is Anbrosius bosschaert the young.Living in the middle of the seventeenth century the Netherlands.A dutch golden age painter who specialized in flowers paintings in the manner of his father Anbrosius bosschaert the elder.Because,people live in a stable life ,most artists want to draw life scenes.

In the same time,enjoy the realism style Netherlands artists like Rembrandt.0916_4

This is a Netherlands painting by paulus.And above that vase figure to be the work of the same period, but it’s figure painting.The main color is very simple, like the color of skin, yellow dress, green tire, white sleeves, pink cheeks, the background of green, red lip.With dark background, use a light bright color painting people, the real scenes.Highlighting the theme center is the princess and the mirror.

I may and others is not the same as the inspiration, I focus on is the princess of a mirror, the mirror is on the contrary, we each other symmetrical, I think it is a bright spot.He didn’t use any special skill to paint this picture, but it attracted me deeply.

The author of the painting is still a Dutch,a first dean of the painter’s guild ,found 1611.


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