14/9/2016-I and my work

Today on the two different classes, respectively is fashion and Visual Studies Rotations. These two subjects all let I learned a lot.

First of all, on the morning of fashion, let us our production models are introduced and mind map, tells us “. I don’t speak so many times I was listening, they give me arrangement is also the most simple task. His teammates understand me very well. I enjoy the process of team work, can reduce the time to do one thing, to go to take pictures with your friends and make the model is particularly interesting to me.





Secondly, it is the afternoon of Visual Studies Rotations. The teacher let us draw the cup, shoes, birds, flowers, cars, houses, trees, each for five minutes. The teacher told us that design inside painting is very important, does not require painting particularly good, but you must be patient, to observe. Finally, the teacher let us go outside drawings we had no good design. I went to painting a car parked in the school downstairs. Standing draw for me is a strange attempt.

Though today ,I think my English is no good.I don’t understand all the teacher’s words,so I will try my best to improve my English.





this is Chinese flower




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