13/9/2016-Contextual Studies


The picture first look really very common, is a bed, messy bed quilt and pillow.  The first impression is disorderly, dirty, give a person a kind of bad feeling. But look at this picture, can find some different things, free bottles, some paper and some photos.  If not, I think I don’t think the owner of this bed, must have experienced a let him feel the days of pain and anguish, there is no understanding, only you can feel yourself to sad.

Even if it is put everything, but will still let a person feel there is a silk unhappiness, on one hand and disorderly because dirty, on the other hand is for this photo story behind feel sad.

Then, I’d like to summarize my feelings in this class. I was the first time the lessons, but also for the first time in the classroom to feel some photos, to know to understand the need to pay attention to when we looked at a photograph of what is, what can I do to help us to understand the pictures. I think this class is meaningful, is very interesting.

The following is the knowledge I learned in this class and a few small pictures.

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