12/9/2016 – my first fashion class

This is my first time in the fashion design, and this course is my favor. I learned more thing from today classes. Especially the power of the team. We found the information form a designer’s name is Simone rocha we want. The information like styling , mood, shape, types and so on.  We want to finish our work,  we went to a lot of places to take we need’s photos , like the park , the city center , the shopping mall and so on.

We put the collected pictures of print and stick on the paper.To made our final mind-map .We got the clothing of keywords . Then, we started found elements we need from our mind-map to made clothes .

The first design, we used the round paper overlap, did half a shawl,  fold up one piece  have administrative levels feeling, also won’t appear the design is very dull.  Below half-length skirt, with a cluster of trapezoidal scraps of paper, inspired by the mind – the arch design on the map.  Dress front than the back long, that is the characteristics of the dress.  The neck is a crown of collar. Look sexy and elegant.

The second design,  we used the four pieces of paper,  respectively made in front of the render clothes, xionghua(Chest decorations),  the processing of the back,  the direction of the creative is a fold,  folded in half way of a sheet of paper,  folded in half,  and the extent of the fold.

Our two design have no draft,  but I think that effect is good, may sometimes have ideas directly to do than play draft changes to make much better.

This is a nice day.

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